About Us

Like many young girls Co-founder Denisse DiCristina has been obsessed with fashion. Growing up in Brooklyn,NY and seeing all the trends walk down the street she always knew she wanted to work in the fashion industry. As a teen she interned for a top jewelry designer in NYC for a few years. Feeling overwhelmed and lost her dreams faded and she lost hope. Years went by and she went into the restaurant industry eventually moving on to a desk job. Denisse knew something had to change, and soon. With big dreams in a big big city the only thing in her way was her. After many years of not following her heart she took the leap and started Edge & Style. Growing Edge & Style was not easy but with hard work and dedication Denisse & husband Philip DiCristina were finally able to make it possible and in early 2015 Edge & Style was established.

Edge & Style offers our customers, our friends: an online fashion destination that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to be a women and man in a digitally immersed world today. We aim to deliver the biggest trends at affordable prices, not compromising on quality. 

Welcome to Edge & Style!